Original home of the Priests of Esoth, the Avatar of Purity and Morality and military center of the Yom-Indoth Imperial Flotilla, this city now lies in ruins.


Not much is known about the origins of this city at this time, but what can be assumed is that the Empire of Yom-Indoth built up Londalorn to its current size before the city’s fall. During the War of the Giants, the city was attacked by sea as Giants came out of the ocean and scaled Londalorn’s many walls. A mass evacuation was called for but it is currently unknown how much of the city’s population was able to escape before the Giants were able to destroy the Citadel and crush whatever military forces Yom-Indoth was able to muster in defense of the city.


Several known guilds ran within the city, including a Stonemason’s Guild, a Cobblers Guild and a Weaponsmith’s Guild. during the Blight, travel to Londalorn was restricted, closing most foot-traffic to the city and leaving airship travel as the most, if only, viable means to enter and exit Londalorn. The city suffered economically due to these restrictions.


The entire city was built like a fortress, each tier of the city was protected by a high stone wall with the highest tier containing a large fortress, the Londalorn Citadel. The lowest tier contained military dockyards which housed and maintained a large portion of the Yom-Indoth Imperial Flotilla. The Imperial Navy’s Headquarters was also located within this city.


Londalorn Airship Tower – Once a critical commercial artery for the city of Londalorn, bringing in goods and people from around the Empire, it is now the site of what must have been a failed evacuation attempt.

Londalorn Cathedral – Once home to the Priests of Esoth, Avatar of Purity and Morality, it is now home to a pack of werewolves being lead by a druid called the Den Mother.

Londalorn Citadel – Destroyed during the Giant’s invasion, it was once the home to Londalorn’s City Guard and a detachment of the Yom-Indoth Imperial Army


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